Bloomin Tulips Festival - what's on

Bloomin' Tulips! is a festival of sense stimulating events celebrating the flush of spring colour in the small coastal town of Wynyard on the north west coast of Tasmania. The event is themed Colours of Wynyard to celebrate the spring flowering of the tulips at Van Diemen Quality Bulb Farm on Table Cape.

During Bloomin' Tulips you will marvel at the wonderland created by tulips in full bloom along our scenic coast.  The Bloomin' Tulips Festival itself will offer you the chance to enjoy local art, craft, and music to suit all tastes; experience some magic at our at the spectacular fireworks over the Inglis River on Saturday evening; sample the culinary delights of our fresh island produce or just become a local during your brief time with us!

Volunteers form an integral part of the Festival's success and a huge thank you must go to the Wynyard Fire Brigade, Somerset Rotary Club, Wynyard Lions Club, Rostrum and all the people that roll up their sleeves every year. 
For more information on how to become a volunteer click here.

Bloomin Tulips Festival - what's on

How we got here

In 1991 the Wynyard Tourism and Promotion Association ran the first Tulip Festival in Wynyard, offering a weekend of entertainment, stalls and attractions to promote the area and attract visitors to our town and the North West Coast.

From the outset, Wynyard was labeled by news reporters as "Tulip Town" and this has become somewhat of a continuing connection.

By 1997 the Wynyard Tulip Festival had formed a committee in its own right and had taken on an incorporated status, which in 2005 a Special Committee of the Waratah-Wynyard Council. The Festival is now coordinated by a Tulip Festival Project Officer who is employed on a part-time basis by the Waratah-Wynyard Council.