Would you like to become a Friend of the Festival.  Download and complete the Application Form below and send to:

Tulip Festival Project Officer
Waratah-Wynyard Council
PO Box 168
Wynyard   Tas   7325

or alternatively you can complete the online submission form at your convenience.
Please note that the Volunteer Guidelines must be read in conjunction with the completion of the Application Form.

Volunteer application form.


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Roles and Duties will be allocated according to skills, availability, expertise and finding the best fit for the event and the individual

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(Waratah-Wynyard Council will meet the cost of any medical examination deemed necessary) In the event of injury or illness, Waratah-Wynyard Council will take all reasonable steps to notify the person(s) nominated on this form as soon as possible.
authorise Waratah-Wynyard Council, its agent or representative to arrange whatever medical treatment is appropriate and arrange transport to a suitable facility for that treatment. I understand that any costs incurred will be my responsibility other than where the costs have arisen directly from my involvement in the volunteer program.
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